Jul 11, 2020, 10:00 AM – Jul 12, 2020, 6:00 PM
Kings High School,
Banbury Rd, Warwick CV34 6YE, UK


TILL 2021


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It is with great sadness that we have had to make the decision to postpone this years PaintStock, but due to the current Covid-19 situation it is the correct thing to do.. 

We can at least share with you that everyone from this years line up is more than happy to stay on board for next years event. As of yet we do not have a firm date, but will keep you updated once we know. 

We wish everyone the very best, stay safe, look after each other and we'll see you on the other side 



PaintStock was created by two furniture re-finishers with a desire to meet and cement strong working relationships with their fellow colleagues.

It quickly grew into an opportunity to try out different techniques, watch and learn from other professionals and to have the chance to buy products they may never have seen or heard of previously.


Due to the ever growing number of furniture re-finishing businesses popping up around the UK, our industry is very much on the rise.  Interior Designers are now sourcing the services of refinishers when looking for bespoken and unique items for their clients.  The public are choosing to have old, quality items upcycled instead of purchasing lesser quality new items which are mass produced.  There are also many individuals who simply want to add something hand finished and personal to their homes.


This is where PaintStock comes in.  This is the only event of its kind for the furniture re-finishing industry. 

There is genuine excitement from professionals, hobbyists and those just starting out about this event dedicated to what they do. 


After the success of last year, there are now even more people talking about it and keen to be involved.


The possibilities of what can be achieved are endless when a creative has all the right tools to hand.


PaintStock will be a bright and vibrant weekend event packed full of traders, guest speakers from across the industry, demonstrations and countless opportunities for traders and painters to forge valuable relationships.


10.00  UNTIL 18:00 SATURDAY 11/07/2020

10.00  UNTIL 18:00 SUNDAY 12/07/2020



Event Coordinator and Owner of Made by Murphy

I’m Shona Murphy. I am an award winning furniture refinisher, owner of Made by Murphy and founder of PaintStock UK.

Made by Murphy is a Furniture Refinishing business created in January 2018 as a way to express my creativity.  I have a passion for transforming something old and unwanted into truly unique, bespoke and desirable items. 

I'd say my current speciality is cocktail cabinets- who doesn't love a tipple? 

Last year I won the  Fliprunway Refinishing Award for Spotlight Artist of the Year 2019 and its really spurred me on to continue pushing myself and and achieving the goals I set for myself. 


Then there is PaintStock- This idea was formed on the back of the most incredible support I have been offered by my peers and like minded people. Now it’s time to meet, give back and talk all things furniture and paint related. I hope to see you there.


Paintsctock Shelley.jpg


Event Coordinator and Owner of

Blu Avery

I'm Shelley Hudson, owner and co-founder of PaintStock UK.

Blu Avery is a statement furniture business, I spend my time mainly creating one off designer pieces.  I use a broad range of mediums within my work and enjoy stepping outside of the box when creating.

I'm proud to be an Associate of the house of Upcycling and an ambassador of its industry partnership with the British Institute of Interior Designers. 

PaintStock for me originated from the amazing network of fellow painters on social media support groups.  Having like minded people only a keyboard away for help, support and advice at any hour of the day has meant that I no longer feel isolated or that I'm working on my own.


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